The paintings of Marian de Jong are "explosions of colour". Colour is the central issue, and the material determines the form, expression and atmosphere. She makes cheerful paintings, full of colour and dynamics. Her paintings are a passionate search for the boundaries of the material. Figurative elements or references are missing but are not required. She is inspired by the atmosphere and colours. This is evident from the titles, many works are "untitled", but there are also references to places or to music. Although she previously painted many watercolour landscapes, she now prefers abstract works on large sizes. She has a preference for acrylic. This medium is ideal for her impulsive way of working.

Although her attitude entails a certain optimism for the future, there is no specific intention or message in het paintings. In her work, expression and personal development are important. Her work is always disciplined and concentrated. There is clearly a research attitude to identify, linked to a search within the limits of the colour. Anyone can project his/her world and thereby come to personal interpretations.

Marian de Jong has a background as a landscape architect. During her studies in Wageningen, she used colour professionally. This means not just working with colour designs but also the perception of the landscape as an object of planning and design aspects where colour has a major role. She used the light, the changing seasons but also the plant material in the design aspects in which colour plays a role.